Staša Gejo

competitive climber

outdoor climber

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Best results

3rd place World Championship Moscow 2021

3rd place World Championship Innsbruck 2018

2nd place European Combined Championship Moscow 2020

1st place European Championship Munich 2017

1st place World Games Wroclaw 2017

Outdoor Ticklist

Mooiste Meisie 8B FFA Rocklands

The Arch 8A+/B Rocklands

Shosholoza 8A+ FFA Rocklands

Delusions of

Grandeur 8A+ Chironico

Backgammon 8A+ Frankenjura

Battle Cat 8c Frankenjura

Cringer 8b+ Frankenjura

Butnskala 8b+ Kotečnik

Memento 8b+ Kotečnik

Missing finals in Brixen

4th WC Seoul, KOR

EC Prague

6th WC Meiringen, SUI

Moscow Olympic Qualifiers

Jack's Broken Heart, Magic Wood

Comp in Graz and weight matters

Rocklands Bouldering and First Female Ascents

Innsbruck World Championship