I was born in 1997 in the city of Niš in Serbia. I grew up into climbing with my parents Slobodan Gejo and Vesna Pavlović. I was playing with climbing equipment instead of toys, was brought along to camping trips and competitions. When I was five, we moved from the city to the nature, next the Park of Nature called Jelašnica Gorge. That is where I started rock climbing.

My competition history dates back to 2004 and my first international appearance in Veliko Tarnovo at the age of 7. On that same youth festival I won my first medal, a silver, already in 2006. That year my family and I started travelling to Slovenia and Austria, to compete at their national competitions, as the competitions in Serbia were insufficient for any progress. I competed at Color Cup in Imst, Rock Junior in Arco and Petzen Trophy in St. Michael from 2007 to 2010. That last year I won all three in a row, ready to step into the official IFSC youth categories.

The transition into the youth cups was tough, especially in the first year, but already in 2012 I won a few medals in lead and I took 4th place at the World Youth Championship in Singapore. Later on I began my bouldering career too. Soon I came to my first gold medal in Bouldering and in 2015 I won all the youth competition, including the World Youth Championship in Arco in Bouldering and Combined.

In 2015 I had my first World Cup finals in Munich, where I finished 5th. Slowly I started transferring to the senior category. I repeated the World Cup finals performance in Munich also in 2016 and 2017. I won my first senior medals in 2017, by winning the European Championship in Munich and the World Games in Wroclaw.

In the following year, 2018, I brought home my first World Cup medal, a bronze, from Chinese Chongqing. That year I won another bronze, this time on a World Championship, which took place in Innsbruck in 2018.

The year 2019 was very unfortunate as I had torn the ACL in the right knee when jumping down from a boulder, before the season even began. The fall resulted in some minor damages to the meniscus and bone bruising. Such a damage requires surgery, therefore I was successfully operated in May 2019 in Ljubljana by dr. Marko Macura. The rehab process was long and completely took me out of the competitions. That year was decisive for the Olympic qualifications. As I missed all the crucial events, it came down to the European Championship in 2020.

As the pandemic postponed all the competitions, including the Tokyo Olympics, the last possibility to qualify was delayed for the Autumn 2020. After a tight fight I ended up on the 2nd place, missing out on the Olympic dream for a few points. It was a major disappointment, so I took the year 2021 to focus solely on bouldering competitions and climbing outdoors.

In 2021 I won another World Championship bronze and another World Cup bronze. Besides competing, I visited Rocklands for the first time, where I managed to push my bouldering limits and do first female ascents of Mooiste Meisie 8B and Shosholoza 8A+, among other ascents. In late autumn, I climbed my first 8c on rope - Battle Cat in Frankenjura.

In the year 2022 I am focusing on the new combined of Lead and Boulder.